Interlinear Bible 1 Samuel 14:6

6 And Jonathan said to the young man that bare his armour, Come , and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be that the LORD will work for us: for there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few.
wy'lek aef{n r;[;N;h -l,a !'t'nw{h.y r,ma{Y;w ? h,Lea'h ~yiler]['h#st06189 b;C;m#st04673 -l,a h'r.B.[;n.w h'k.l ? h'why;l !yea yiK .Wn'l h'wh.y#st03068 h,f][;y y;l.Wa ? j'[.mib w{a b;r.B ;[yivw{h.l rw{c.[;m