Interlinear Bible 2 Corinthians 13:7

7 Now we pray to God that you do no wrong; not that we ourselves may appear approved, but that you may do what is right, even though we may appear * unapproved.
eujcovmeqa V-PNI-1P de; CONJ pro;? PREP to;n T-ASM qeo;n N-ASM mh; PRT poih'sai V-AAN uJma'? P-2AP kako;n A-ASN mhdevn, A-ASN oujc PRT i&na CONJ hJmei'? P-1NP dovkimoi A-NPM fanw'men, V-2APS-1P ajll# CONJ i&na CONJ uJmei'? P-2NP to; T-ASN kalo;n A-ASN poih'te, V-PAS-2P hJmei'? P-1NP de; CONJ wJ? ADV ajdovkimoi A-NPM ?wmen. V-PXS-1P