Interlinear Bible Esther 4:11

11 "All the king's servants and the people of the king's provinces know that for any man or woman who comes to the king to the inner court who is not summoned, he has but one law, that he be put to death, unless * * the king holds out to him the golden scepter so that he may live. And I have not been summoned to come to the king for these thirty days."
.$,l,M;h tw{nyid.m -m;[.w .$,l,M;h yed.b;[#st05650 -l'K ? -l,a -aw{b'y r,v]a h'Via.w#st0802 vyia -l'K r,v]a ~yi[.dw{y ? aer'QIy -a{l r,v]a tyimyin.P;h#st06442 rec'x,h -l,a .$,l,M;h ? w{l -jyivw{y r,v]aem d;b.l tyim'h.l w{t'D t;x;a ? a{l yin]a;w h'y'x.w b'h'Z;h#st02091 jyib.r;v -t,a .$,l,M;h ? ~yivw{l.v h,z .$,l,M;h -l,a aw{b'l yitaer.qin ? ~w{y