Interlinear Bible Jeremiah 29:23

23 because * they have acted foolishly in Israel, and have committed adultery with their neighbors' wives and have spoken words in My name falsely, which I did not command them; and I am He who knows and am a witness," declares the LORD.' "
lea'r.fIy.B h'l'b.n#st03478 .Wf'[ r,v]a !;[;y ? yim.viB r'b'd#st08267 .Wr.B;d.y;w ~,hye[er yev.n -t,a<07453'> .Wp]a;n.y;w ? h'wh.y -mUa.n de['w ;[ed{y.Wh yik{n'a.w ~ityi.Wic aw{l r,v]a r,q,v