Interlinear Bible Nehemiah 9:1-10

1 Now in the twenty and fourth day of this month the children of Israel were assembled with fasting, and with sackclothes, and earth upon them.
.Wp.s,a,n h,Z;h v,d{x;l#st02320 h'['B.r;a.w#st0702 ~yir.f,[ ~w{y.b.W#st03117 ? ~,hyel][ h'm'd]a;w ~yiQ;f.b.W ~w{c.B lea'r.fIy -yen.b
2 And the seed of Israel separated themselves from all strangers *, and stood and confessed their sins, and the iniquities of their fathers.
.Wd.m;[;Y;w r'ken yen.B l{Kim lea'r.fIy#st03478 [;r,z#st02233 .Wl.d'BiY;w ? ~,hyet{b]a tw{n{w][;w ~,hyeta{J;x -l;[ .WD;w.tiY;w
3 And they stood up in their place, and read in the book of the law of the LORD their God one fourth part of the day; and another fourth part they confessed , and worshipped the LORD their God.
t;rw{T#st08451 r,pes.B#st05612 .Wa.r.qiY;w ~'d.m'[ -l;[ .Wm.Wq'Y;w ? ~yiD;w.tim tyi[ib.r.W ~w{Y;h#st03117 tyi[ib.r ~,hyeh{l/a h'wh.y ? ~,hyeh{l/a h'why;l#st03068 ~yiw]x;T.vim.W
4 Then stood up upon the stairs, of the Levites, Jeshua, and Bani, Kadmiel, Shebaniah, Bunni, Sherebiah, Bani, and Chenani, and cried with a loud voice unto the LORD their God.
leayim.d;q#st06934 yin'b.W#st01137 ;[.Wvey#st03442 ~iYiw.l;h#st03881 hel][;m -l;[ ~'q'Y;w ? .Wq][.ziY;w yin'n.k#st03662 yin'B#st01138 h'y.berev#st08274 yiNUB#st01137 h'y.n;b.v ? ~,hyeh{l/a#st0430 h'wh.y -l,a lw{d'G lw{q.B
5 Then the Levites, Jeshua, and Kadmiel, Bani, Hashabniah, Sherebiah, Hodijah, Shebaniah, and Pethahiah, said , Stand up and bless the LORD your God for ever and ever: and blessed be thy glorious name, which is exalted above all blessing and praise.
h'y.n.b;v]x#st01137 yin'B leayim.d;q.w#st06934 ;[.Wvey#st03442 ~iYiw.l;h{Y;w ? .Wk]r'B .Wm.Wq h'y.x;t.p#st06611 h'y.n;b.v h'Yidw{h#st01941 h'y.berev ? ~'lw{['h -d;[ ~'lw{['h -nim ~,kyeh{l/a#st0430 h'wh.y -t,a ? h'k'r.B -l'K -l;[ ~;mw{r.m.W '$,dw{b.K#st03519 ~ev .Wk.r'byiw ? h'Lih.t.W
6 Thou, even thou, art LORD alone; thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and thou preservest them all; and the host of heaven worshippeth thee.
~Iy;m'V;h -t,a 'tyif'[ .T;a '$,D;b.l h'wh.y#st03068 a.Wh -h'T;a ? r,v]a -l'k.w #,r'a'h#st0776 ~'a'b.c#st06635 -l'k.w ~Iy;m'V;h yem.v ? h,Y;x.m#st02421 h'T;a.w ~,h'B r,v]a -l'k.w ~yiM;Y;h 'hy,l'[ ? ~yiw]x;T.vim '$.l ~Iy;m'V;h a'b.c.W#st06635 ~'LUK -t,a
7 Thou art the LORD the God, who didst choose Abram, and broughtest him forth out of Ur of the Chaldees, and gavest him the name of Abraham;
~'r.b;a.B#st087 'T.r;x'B r,v]a ~yih{l/a'h#st0430 h'wh.y a.Wh -h'T;a ? ~'h'r.b;a w{m.V#st07760 'T.m;f.w ~yiD.f;K#st03778 r.Waem w{taecw{h.w
8 And foundest his heart faithful before thee, and madest a covenant with him to give the land of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Jebusites, and the Girgashites, to give it, I say, to his seed, and hast performed thy words; for thou art righteous:
tw{r'k.w '$y,n'p.l !'m/a,n w{b'b.l -t,a 'ta'c'm.W ? yiTix;h#st02850 yin][;n.K;h#st03669 #,r,a -t,a tet'l tyir.B;h w{Mi[ ? tet'l yiv'G.riG;h.w#st01622 yis.Wb.y;h.w#st02983 yiZir.P;h.w yir{m/a'h#st0567 ? h'T'a qyiD;c yiK '$y,r'b.D -t,a ~,q'T;w w{[.r;z.l
9 And didst see the affliction of our fathers in Egypt, and heardest their cry by the Red sea;
~'t'q][;z -t,a.w ~Iy'r.cim.B .Wnyet{b]a#st01 yin\[ -t,a a,reT;w ? @.Ws#st05488 -m;y -l;[ 'T.[;m'v
10 And shewedst signs and wonders upon Pharaoh, and on all his servants, and on all the people of his land: for thou knewest that they dealt proudly against them. So didst thou get thee a name, as it is this day.
wy'd'b][ -l'k.b.W h{[.r;p.B ~yit.p{m.W t{t{a#st0226 !eTiT;w ? .Wdyizeh yiK 'T.[;d'y yiK w{c.r;a ~;[ -l'k.b.W ? h,Z;h ~w{Y;h.K#st03117 ~ev '$.l -f;[;T;w ~,hyel][