Interlinear Bible Psalm 95

1 O come , let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.
.Wne[.vIy#st03468 r.Wc.l h'[yir'n h'why;l h'n.N;r.n .Wk.l
2 Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.
w{l ;[yir'n tw{rim.ziB h'dw{t.B wy'n'p h'm.D;q.n
3 For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.
~yih{l/a -l'K -l;[ lw{d'G .$,l,m.W#st04428 h'wh.y lw{d'G lea yiK
4 In his hand are the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills is his also.
~yir'h tw{p][w{t.w#st08443 #,r'a#st0776 -yer.q.x,m w{d'y.B r,v]a ? w{l
5 The sea is his, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry land.
wy'd'y#st03027 t,v,B;y.w#st03006 .Wh'f'[ a.Wh.w ~'Y;h w{l -r,v]a ? .Wr'c'y
6 O come , let us worship and bow down : let us kneel before the LORD our maker .
h'wh.y#st03068 -yen.pil h'k.r.bin h'['r.kin.w h,w]x; .Wa{B ? .Wnef{[
7 For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. To day if ye will hear his voice,
w{tyi[.r;m#st04830 ~;[ .Wn.x;n]a;w .Wnyeh{l/a a.Wh yiK ? .W['m.vit w{l{q.B -mia ~w{Y;h w{d'y !a{c.w
8 Harden not your heart, as in the provocation, and as in the day of temptation in the wilderness:
h'S;m ~w{y.K#st03117 h'byir.miK#st04808 ~,k.b;b.l .Wv.q;T -l;a ? r'B.diM;B
9 When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my work.
.Wa'r -m;G yin.Wn'x.B ~,kyetw{b]a yin.WSin r,v]a ? yil\['p
10 Forty years long was I grieved with this generation, and said , It is a people that do err in their heart, and they have not known my ways:
ye[{T ~;[ r;m{a'w rw{d.B#st01755 j.Wq'a h'n'v#st08141 ~yi['B.r;a ? y'k'r.d .W[.d'y -a{l ~eh.w ~eh b'bel
11 Unto whom I sware in my wrath that they should not enter into my rest.
yit'x.Wn.m -l,a !.Wa{b.y -mia yiP;a.b yiT.[; -r,v]a