Isaiah 14:3-8 NIV

3 On the day the LORD gives you relief from your suffering and turmoil and from the harsh labor forced on you,

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4 you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon: How the oppressor has come to an end! How his furya has ended!

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    • ƒ 14:4 - Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint and Syriac; the meaning of the word in the Masoretic Text is uncertain.
      5 The LORD has broken the rod of the wicked, the scepter of the rulers,

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      6 which in anger struck down peoples with unceasing blows, and in fury subdued nations with relentless aggression.

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      7 All the lands are at rest and at peace; they break into singing.

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      8 Even the junipers and the cedars of Lebanon gloat over you and say, “Now that you have been laid low, no one comes to cut us down.”

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