Lamentations 2:4-14 NIV

4 Like an enemy he has strung his bow;1 his right hand is ready. Like a foe he has slain all who were pleasing to the eye;2 he has poured out his wrath3 like fire4 on the tent5 of the Daughter of Zion.

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5 The Lord is like an enemy;6 he has swallowed up Israel. He has swallowed up all her palaces and destroyed her strongholds.7 He has multiplied mourning and lamentation8 for the Daughter of Judah.9

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      6 He has laid waste his dwelling like a garden; he has destroyed10 his place of meeting.11 The LORD has made Zion forget her appointed feasts and her Sabbaths;12 in his fierce anger he has spurned both king and priest.13

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      7 The Lord has rejected his altar and abandoned his sanctuary.14 He has handed over to the enemy the walls of her palaces;15 they have raised a shout in the house of the LORD as on the day of an appointed feast.16

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      8 The LORD determined to tear down the wall around the Daughter of Zion.17 He stretched out a measuring line18 and did not withhold his hand from destroying. He made ramparts19 and walls lament; together they wasted away.20

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          9 Her gates21 have sunk into the ground; their bars22 he has broken and destroyed. Her king and her princes are exiled23 among the nations, the law24 is no more, and her prophets25 no longer find visions26 from the LORD.

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          10 The elders of the Daughter of Zion sit on the ground in silence;27 they have sprinkled dust28 on their heads29 and put on sackcloth.30 The young women of Jerusalem have bowed their heads to the ground.31

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          11 My eyes fail from weeping,32 I am in torment within,33 my heart34 is poured out35 on the ground because my people are destroyed,36 because children and infants faint37 in the streets of the city.

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          12 They say to their mothers, "Where is bread and wine?"38 as they faint like wounded men in the streets of the city, as their lives ebb away39 in their mothers' arms.40

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          13 What can I say for you?41 With what can I compare you, O Daughter42 of Jerusalem? To what can I liken you, that I may comfort you, O Virgin Daughter of Zion?43 Your wound is as deep as the sea.44 Who can heal you?

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          14 The visions of your prophets were false45 and worthless; they did not expose your sin to ward off your captivity.46 The oracles they gave you were false and misleading.47

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