Acts 16:11-15 LEB

The Conversion of Lydia at Philippi

11 So putting out to sea from Troas, we sailed a straight course to Samothrace, and on the following [day] to Neapolis,

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      12 and from there to Philippi, which is a leading city [of that] district of Macedonia, a [Roman] colony. And we were staying in this city for some days.
      13 And on the day of the Sabbath, we went outside the [city] gate beside the river, where we thought there was a place of prayer, and we sat down [and]a spoke to the women assembled [there].

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        • ˉ 16:13 - *Here "[and]" is supplied because the previous participle ("sat down") has been translated as a finite verb
          14 And a certain woman {named}b Lydia from the city of Thyatira, a merchant dealing in purple cloth who showed reverence for God, was listening. The Lord opened {her}c heart to pay attention to what was being said by Paul.

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            • ˊ 16:14 - Literally "by name"
            • ˋ 16:14 - Literally "whose"
              15 And after she was baptized, and her household, she urged [us],d saying, "If you consider me to be a believer in the Lord, come to my house [and]e stay." And she prevailed upon us.

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                • ˌ 16:15 - *Here the direct object is supplied from context in the English translation
                • ˍ 16:15 - *Here "[and]" is supplied because the previous participle ("come") has been translated as a finite verb