Ezekiel 18:1-7 LEB

God’s Just Treatment of Individuals, Both Righteous and Wicked

1 And the word of Yahweh {came}a to me, {saying},b

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    • ˅ 18:1 - Literally "was"
    • ˆ 18:1 - Literally "to say"
      2 "{What do you mean by}c quoting this proverb about the land of Israel, {saying},d 'The fathers, they ate unripe fruit, and the teeth of the child became blunt.'e

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        • ˇ 18:2 - Literally "What [is] to you"
        • ˈ 18:2 - Literally "to say"
        • ˉ 18:2 - Or "dull," set on edge"
          3 {As I live},f {declares}g the Lord Yahweh, it will surely not any longer be {appropriate for you}h to quote this proverb in Israel!

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            • ˊ 18:3 - Literally "life I"
            • ˋ 18:3 - Literally "declaration of"
            • ˌ 18:3 - Literally "to you"
              4 Look! {All lives are mine}.i {The lives of father and son alike are mine}.j The personk sinning will die.

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                • ˍ 18:4 - Literally "all of the lives [are] for me they"
                • ˎ 18:4 - Literally "Like the life of the father and like the life of the son [is] to me look"
                • ˏ 18:4 - Or "life," or "soul"
                  5 And if a man is righteous and does justice and righteousness,
                  6 and on the mountains he [does] not eat and he [does] not lift up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, and the wife of his neighbor he [does] not defile and he [does] not approach a woman ofl menstruation,

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                      7 and he oppresses {no one}m [and] he returns [a] pledge for his loan {and he commits no robbery}n [and] he giveso his bread to [the] hungry and he covers a naked person [with] a garment,

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                        • ˑ 18:7 - Literally "a person not"
                        • ˒ 18:7 - Literally "robbed things not he seized"
                        • ˓ 18:7 - Or "shares"