Isaiah 56 LEB

Salvation for All Who Obey

1 Thus says Yahweh: "Observe justice and do righteousness, for my salvation [is] close to coming, and my justice to being revealed.

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      2 Happy [is the] man [who] does this, and [the] son of humankind [who] keeps hold of it, who keeps [the] Sabbath {so as not to profane}a it, and who keeps his hand from doing anyb evil."

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        • ϒ 56:2 - Literally "from profaning"
        • ϓ 56:2 - Or "all"
          3 And do not let the {foreigner}c [who] joins himself to Yahweh say, "Surely Yahweh will separate me from his people." And do not let the eunuch say, "Look! I [am] a dry tree!"

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            • ϔ 56:3 - Literally "son of the foreign country"
              4 For thus says Yahweh, "To the eunuchs who keep my Sabbaths, and choose that in which I delight, and who keep hold of my covenant.
              5 And I will give them a monument and a name in my house and within my walls, better than sons and daughters; I will give him an everlasting name that shall not be cut off.
              6 And the {foreigners}d [who] join themselves to Yahweh to serve him and to love the name of Yahweh, to become his servants, every one who keeps [the] Sabbath, {so as not to profane}e it, and those who keep hold of my covenant,

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                • ϕ 56:6 - Literally "sons of the foreign country"
                • ϖ 56:6 - Literally "from profaning"
                  7 I will bring them to {my holy mountain};f I will make them merry in my house of prayer. their burnt offerings and their sacrifices {will be accepted}g on my altar, for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples,"

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                    • ϗ 56:7 - Literally "the mountain of my holiness"
                    • Ϙ 56:7 - Literally "for acceptance"
                      8 {declares}h the Lord Yahweh, who gathersi the scattered ones of Israel (still I will gather toj him, to his gathered ones).

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                        • ϙ 56:8 - Literally "declaration of"
                        • Ϛ 56:8 - Or "gathering"
                        • ϛ 56:8 - Or "upon"

                          Wicked Leaders

                          9 All wild animals [in the] field, come, to devour,k all wild animals in the forest!

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                            • Ϝ 56:9 - Or "eat"
                              10 His watchmen [are] blind, none of them know. They [are] all dumb dogs; they are unable to bark, panting, lying down, loving to slumber.
                              11 And the dogs {have a greedy appetite};l they {are never satisfied}.m And they are [the] shepherds! They do not haven understanding. They all turn to their [own] way, each one for his [own] gain, {every one of them}.o

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                                • ϝ 56:11 - Literally "are strong of soul"
                                • Ϟ 56:11 - Literally "do not know satiation"
                                • ϟ 56:11 - Or "know"
                                • Ϡ 56:11 - Literally "from his end "
                                  12 "Come, let me take wine, and let us carouse [with] intoxicating drink, and tomorrow will be like today, {very great indeed}."p

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                                    • ϡ 56:12 - Literally "excessively"