The Potter and the Clay

1 The word that came to Jeremiah from Yahweh, {saying},

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    • a 18:1 - Literally "to say"
      2 "Stand up and go down [to] the house of the potter, and there I will let you hear my words."
      3 So I went down [to] the house of the potter and look, there he was doing work at the potter's wheels.
      4 And the vessel that he [was] making with the clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter, so {he made again} another vessel, as it was right in the eyes of the potter to make.

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        • b 18:4 - Literally "he turned back and he made it"
          5 And the word of Yahweh came to me, {saying},

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            • c 18:5 - Literally "to say"
              6 "Like this potter, am I not able to do to you, O house of Israel?" {declares} Yahweh. "Look, like the clay in the hand of the potter, so [are] you in my hand, O house of Israel.

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                • d 18:6 - Literally "a declaration of"
                  7 One moment I speak concerning a nation or concerning a kingdom, to uproot, and to tear down, and to destroy [it].

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                    • e 18:7 - Here the direct object is supplied from context in the English translation
                      8 But [if] that nation turns back from its evil that I have threatened against it, then I will relent concerning the disaster that I planned to do to it.
                      9 And the [next] moment I speak concerning a nation or concerning a kingdom, to build, and to plant [it].

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                        • f 18:9 - Here the direct object is supplied from context in the English translation
                          10 But [if] it does evil in my sight, to not listen to my voice, then I will relent concerning the good that I said I would do [to] it.
                          11 "So now then, say, please, to the {people} of Judah and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, {saying}, 'Thus says Yahweh, "Look, I [am] preparing evil against you, and [I am] planning a plan against you. Please turn back, each one from his evil way, and walk rightly [in] your ways and your deeds." '

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                            • g 18:11 - Literally "man"
                            • h 18:11 - Literally "to say"
                              12 But they will say, '[It is] hopeless, for we will go after our [own] plans, and each one of us will act [according to] the stubbornness of his evil heart.'
                              13 "Therefore thus says Yahweh, 'Please ask among the nations, "Who has heard {the like of this}?" The virgin of Israel has done something very horrible.
                              14 Does the snow of Lebanon leave from [the] crags of Sirion? Or are [the] cold waters flowing from distant mountains dried up?

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                                • i 18:14 - Hebrew "crag"
                                  15 But my people have forgotten me. They make smoke offerings to the idols, and they caused them to stumble in their ways, [the] ancient ways, to go [into] {bypaths}, not [one that] is built up.

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                                    • j 18:15 - Hebrew "idol"
                                    • k 18:15 - Literally "paths of way"
                                      16 To make their land a horror, [an object of] whistling for eternity. All [who] pass by it will be appalled, and he will shake his head.
                                      17 Like the wind from the east I will scatter them {before} [the] enemy. I will show them [my] back and not [my] face in the day of their disaster.'"

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                                        • l 18:17 - Literally "to the face of"

                                          Jeremiah’s Imprecatory Prayer

                                          18 Then they said, "Come and let us plan plans against Jeremiah, for instruction will not be lost from [the] priest, nor advice from [the] wise man, nor [the] word from [the] prophet. Come and {let us bring charges against him}, and let us not listen attentively to any of his words."

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                                            • m 18:18 - Literally "let us strike him with the tongue"
                                              19 Listen attentively to me, [O] Yahweh, and listen to [the] voice of my opponents.
                                              20 Should good be repaid in place of evil? Yet they have dug a pit for me. Remember my standing {before you} to speak good for them, to avert your wrath from them.

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                                                • n 18:20 - Literally "to the face of you"
                                                  21 {Therefore} give their children to the famine, and hand them over to [the] {power} of [the] sword, and let their wives be bereaved and widows, and let their men be killed by death, their young men struck dead [by the] sword in the battle.

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                                                    • o 18:21 - Literally "To thus"
                                                    • p 18:21 - Literally "hand"
                                                      22 Let a cry for help be heard from their houses when you suddenly bring upon them [the] raiding band, for they have dug a pit to catch me, and they have fixed secretly a trap for my feet.
                                                      23 But you, [O] Yahweh, you know {all their plans of assassination against me}. You must not make atonement for their iniquity, and you must not cause their sin to be blotted out from {before you}. But let them be overthrown {before you}. Deal with them in the time of your anger.

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                                                        • q 18:23 - Literally "all of their plan against me to the death"
                                                        • r 18:23 - Literally "to the face of you"
                                                        • s 18:23 - Literally "to the face of you"