Jeremiah 52:31-34 LEB

An Allowance for Jehoiachin

31 {And then}a in [the] thirty-seventh year of the exile of Jehoiachin, the king of Judah, in [the] twelfth month, on [the] twenty-fifth [day] of the month, Evil-merodach, the king of Babylon, in the [first] year of his reign, lifted up the head of Jehoiachin, the king of Judah, and brought him out from {prison}.b

References for Jeremiah 52:31

    • ׀ 52:31 - Literally "and it was"
    • ׁ 52:31 - Literally "the house of the imprisonment"
      32 Then he spoke with him kindly and gave his seat above the seatsc of the kings who [were] with him in Babylon.

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        • ׂ 52:32 - Hebrew "seat"
          33 So he changed the garments of his imprisonment and he ate food {before him}d continually all the days of his life.

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            • ׃ 52:33 - Literally "to the face of him"
              34 And his allowance, a continual allowance was given to him by the king of Babylon {on a daily basis}e all the days of his life up to the day of his death.

              References for Jeremiah 52:34

                • ׄ 52:34 - Literally "a matter of a day in its day"