Proverbs 14:30-35 LEB

30 A hearta of tranquilityb [is] life [to the] flesh, but causes bones of passion to rot.

References for Proverbs 14:30

    • Ķ 14:30 - Or "mind"
    • ķ 14:30 - Or "he who heals"
      31 He who oppresses the poor insults him who made him, but he who has mercy on the poor honors him.
      32 By his evildoing, the wicked will be overthrown, and the righteous will find refuge in his death.
      33 In the heartc of him who has understanding, wisdom rests, but [even] in the midst of fools it becomes known.

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          34 Righteousness will exalt a nation, but sin [is] a reproach to a people.
          35 The favor of a king [is] for the servant who deals wisely, but his wrath will be [on] him who acts shamefully.