Proverbs 16:13-23 LEB

13 The delight of kings [are] the lips of righteousness, and he who speaks what is upright he will love.
14 The wrath of a king [is] a messenger of death, but one who is wise will appeasea it.

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    • ś 16:14 - Or "atone, cover over"
      15 In the light of the face of the king [there is] life, and his favor [is] like a cloud of spring rain.
      16 Getting wisdom: {how much}b better than gold! And getting understanding: it is chosen {over}c silver.

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        • Ŝ 16:16 - Literally "what"
        • ŝ 16:16 - Literally "from"
          17 The highway of the upright, it turns from evil, he who guards himselfd keeps his way.

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            • Ş 16:17 - Or "soul," or "inner self"
              18 Before destruction [comes] pride, and before a fall, a haughty spirit.e

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                • ş 16:18 - Hebrew "a haughty of spirit"
                  19 Better a lowly spirit with the poor than dividing the spoil with the proud.
                  20 He who is attentive to a matter will find goodness, and he who trusts in Yahweh, his own happiness.
                  21 The wise of heartf is called perceptive, but he who is pleasant of lips will increase persuasiveness.

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                      22 A fountain of life is wisdom for its owner,g but the instructionh of fools is folly.

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                        • š 16:22 - Or "master"
                        • Ţ 16:22 - Or "punishment"
                          23 The hearti of the wise will make his mouth judicious, and upon his lips, itj will add persuasiveness.

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