Proverbs 8:22-31 LEB

Wisdom at Creation

22 "Yahweh possesseda me, [the] first of his ways, before his acts {of old}.b

References for Proverbs 8:22

    • Ó 8:22 - Or "gained," or "acquired"
    • Ô 8:22 - Literally "from before" or "from then"
      23 From eternity, I was set up from [the] first, from the beginningc of the earth.

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        • Õ 8:23 - Hebrew "beginnings"
          24 When there were no depths, I was brought forth, when there were no springs of {abounding}d water.

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            • Ö 8:24 - Literally "made heavy"
              25 Before mountains had been shaped, before hills, I was brought forth.
              26 When he had not yet made earth and fields, or the first dust of the world,
              27 {when he established}e the heavens, there I [was], {when he drew}f a circle upon the face of the deep,

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                • × 8:27 - Literally "in his establishing"
                • Ø 8:27 - Literally "in his drawing"
                  28 {when he made}g skies from above, when he founded fountains of the deep,

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                    • Ù 8:28 - Literally "in his making"
                      29 {when he assigned}h his limits to the sea, that waters shall not transgress his {command},i {when he marked}j the foundations of the earth,

                      References for Proverbs 8:29

                        • Ú 8:29 - Literally "in his assigning"
                        • Û 8:29 - Literally "mouth"
                        • Ü 8:29 - Literally "in his marking"
                          30 I was {beside}k him, a master workman, and I was delighting day by day, rejoicing before him {always},l

                          References for Proverbs 8:30

                            • Ý 8:30 - Literally "at the place of"
                            • Þ 8:30 - Literally "in all [of] time"
                              31 rejoicing in the world of his earth, and my delight [was] with the children of humankind.