Psalm 14 LEB

For the [music] director. Of David.

The Folly of the Godless and God’s Final Triumph

1 a[The] fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt. They do abominable deeds. There is none who does good.

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    • Ã 14:1 - The Hebrew Bible counts the superscription as the first verse of the psalm
      2 Yahweh looks down from heaven upon the children of humankind to see whether there is one who has insight, one who cares about God.
      3 All have gone astray; they are altogether corrupt. There is not one who does good; there is not even one.
      4 All who do evil--do they not know, [they] who eat my people [as though] they were eating bread? They do not call on Yahweh.
      5 There {they are very fearful}b because God [is] with [the] generation of [the] righteous.

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        • Ä 14:5 - Literally "they feared a fear"
          6 You would put to shame [the] plan of [the] poor, becausec Yahweh [is] his refuge.

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            • Å 14:6 - Or "but"
              7 {Oh that from Zion}d [would come] salvation [for] Israel! When Yahweh returns the fortunes of his people, Jacob will rejoice; Israel will be happy.

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                • Æ 14:7 - Literally "Who will give [that] from Zion"