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Psalm 91:15 LEB

15 He will call upon me and I will answer him; I [will be] with him in trouble; I will rescue and honor him.

Study tools for Psalm 91:15

  • a 91:1 - Or "shelter"
  • b 91:1 - Often translated "the Almighty," this is perhaps better understood as "[God of the] Mountain"
  • c 91:3 - Hebrew "he, he will deliver" is perhaps emphatic, "He will certainly deliver"
  • d 91:4 - That is, a small, round shield, or perhaps a surrounding bulwark
  • e 91:9 - This is the most straightforward translation of the Hebrew, though the "you" of each line would refer to a different person. A more unusual rendering would be "Because Yahweh, my refuge, even the Most High, you have made your dwelling place ..."
  • f 91:14 - The sense is that of making something inaccessibly high, like a fortress
  • g 91:16 - Literally "a length of days"