Proverbs 16:13-23 MSG

13 Good leaders cultivate honest speech; they love advisors who tell them the truth.
14 An intemperate leader wreaks havoc in lives; you're smart to stay clear of someone like that.
15 Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they're like spring rain and sunshine.
16 Get wisdom - it's worth more than money; choose insight over income every time.
17 The road of right living bypasses evil; watch your step and save your life.
18 First pride, then the crash - the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.
19 It's better to live humbly among the poor than to live it up among the rich and famous.
20 It pays to take life seriously; things work out when you trust in God.
21 A wise person gets known for insight; gracious words add to one's reputation.
22 True intelligence is a spring of fresh water, while fools sweat it out the hard way.
23 They make a lot of sense, these wise folks; whenever they speak, their reputation increases.