Acts 6:8-15 NAS

8 And Stephen, full of grace and power, was performing great 1wonders and asigns among the people.

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    • ù 6:8 - Or "attesting miracles"
      9 But some men from what was called the Synagogue of the Freedmen, including both 2Cyrenians and 3Alexandrians, and some from 4Cilicia and b5Asia, rose up and argued with Stephen.

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        • ú 6:9 - I.e. west coast province of Asia Minor
          10 But they were unable * to cope with the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking.
          11 Then they secretly induced men to say, "We have heard him speak blasphemous words against Moses and against God."
          12 And they stirred up the people, the elders and the scribes, and they 6came up to him and dragged him away and brought him cbefore 7the dCouncil.

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            • û 6:12 - Lit "into"
            • ü 6:12 - Or "Sanhedrin"
              14 for we have heard him say that 10this Nazarene, Jesus, will destroy this place and alter 11the customs which Moses handed down to us."

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              15 And fixing their gaze on him, all who were sitting in the e12Council saw his face like the face of an angel.

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                • ý 6:15 - Or "Sanhedrin"