Ezekiel 43:8-18 NCV

8 The kings made my name unclean by putting their doorway next to my doorway, and their doorpost next to my doorpost so only a wall separated me from them. When they did their acts that I hate, they made my holy name unclean, and so I destroyed them in my anger.
9 Now let them stop their sexual sins and take the dead bodies of their kings far away from me. Then I will live among them forever.
10 "Human, tell the people of Israel about the Temple so they will be ashamed of their sins. Let them think about the plan of the Temple.
11 If they are ashamed of all they have done, let them know the design of the Temple and how it is built. Show them its exits and entrances, all its designs, and also all its rules and teachings. Write the rules as they watch so they will obey all the teachings and rules about the Temple.
12 This is the teaching about the Temple: All the area around the top of the mountain is most holy. This is the teaching about the Temple.
13 "These are the measurements of the altar, using the measuring stick. The altar's gutter is twenty-one inches high and twenty-one inches wide, and its rim is about nine inches around its edge. And the altar is this tall:
14 From the ground up to the lower ledge, it measures three and one-half feet. It is twenty-one inches wide. It measures seven feet from the smaller ledge to the larger ledge and is twenty-one inches wide.
15 The place where the sacrifice is burned on the altar is seven feet high, with its four corners shaped like horns and reaching up above it.
16 It is square, twenty-one feet long and twenty-one feet wide.
17 The upper ledge is also square, twenty-four and one-half feet long and twenty-four and one-half feet wide. The rim around the altar is ten and one-half inches wide, and its gutter is twenty-one inches wide all around. Its steps are on the east side."
18 Then the man said to me, "Human, this is what the Lord God says: These are the rules for the altar. When it is built, use these rules to offer burnt offerings and to sprinkle blood on it.