43 Two days later, Jesus left and went to Galilee.
44 (Jesus had said before that a prophet is not respected in his own country.)
45 When Jesus arrived in Galilee, the people there welcomed him. They had seen all the things he did at the Passover Feast in Jerusalem, because they had been there, too.
46 Jesus went again to visit Cana in Galilee where he had changed the water into wine. One of the king's important officers lived in the city of Capernaum, and his son was sick.
47 When he heard that Jesus had come from Judea to Galilee, he went to Jesus and begged him to come to Capernaum and heal his son, because his son was almost dead.
48 Jesus said to him, "You people must see signs and miracles before you will believe in me."
49 The officer said, "Sir, come before my child dies."
50 Jesus answered, "Go. Your son will live." The man believed what Jesus told him and went home.
51 On the way the man's servants came and met him and told him, "Your son is alive."
52 The man asked, "What time did my son begin to get well?" They answered, "Yesterday at one o'clock the fever left him."
53 The father knew that one o'clock was the exact time that Jesus had said, "Your son will live." So the man and all the people who lived in his house believed in Jesus.
54 That was the second miracle Jesus did after coming from Judea to Galilee.