Proverbs 18:2-12 NCV

2 Fools do not want to understand anything. They only want to tell others what they think.
3 Do something evil, and people won't like you. Do something shameful, and they will make fun of you.
4 Spoken words can be like deep water, but wisdom is like a flowing stream.
5 It is not good to honor the wicked or to be unfair to the innocent.
6 The words of fools start quarrels. They make people want to beat them.
7 The words of fools will ruin them; their own words will trap them.
8 The words of a gossip are like tasty bits of food. People like to gobble them up.
9 A person who doesn't work hard is just like someone who destroys things.
10 The Lord is like a strong tower; those who do right can run to him for safety.
11 Rich people trust their wealth to protect them. They think it is like the high walls of a city.
12 Proud people will be ruined, but the humble will be honored.