Nehemiah 9:22-27 NIV

22 "You gave them kingdoms and nations, allotting to them even the remotest frontiers. They took over the country of Sihona1 king of Heshbon and the country of Og king of Bashan.2

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    • c 9:22 - One Hebrew manuscript and Septuagint; most Hebrew manuscripts "Sihon, that is, the country of the"
      23 You made their sons as numerous as the stars in the sky,3 and you brought them into the land that you told their fathers to enter and possess.

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      24 Their sons went in and took possession of the land.4 You subdued5 before them the Canaanites, who lived in the land; you handed the Canaanites over to them, along with their kings and the peoples of the land, to deal with them as they pleased.

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      25 They captured fortified cities and fertile land;6 they took possession of houses filled with all kinds of good things,7 wells already dug, vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees in abundance. They ate to the full and were well-nourished;8 they reveled in your great goodness.9

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      26 "But they were disobedient and rebelled against you; they put your law behind their backs.10 They killed11 your prophets,12 who had admonished them in order to turn them back to you; they committed awful blasphemies.13

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      27 So you handed them over to their enemies,14 who oppressed them. But when they were oppressed they cried out to you. From heaven you heard them, and in your great compassion15 you gave them deliverers,16 who rescued them from the hand of their enemies.

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