Exodus 30:34-38 NIRV


34 Then the LORD spoke to Moses. He said, "Get some sweet-smelling spices. Get some gum resin, onycha and galbanum. Also get some pure frankincense. Make sure everything is in equal amounts.

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      35 "Have a person who makes perfume mix it all up into a sweet-smelling incense. It must have salt in it. It will be pure and sacred.
      36 Grind some of it into powder. Place it in front of the tablets of the covenant in the Tent of Meeting. There I will meet with you. The incense will be very holy to you.
      37 "Do not make any incense for yourselves in the same way. Think of it as holy to me.
      38 Anyone who makes incense in the same way to enjoy its sweet smell must be cut off from his people."