Isaiah 46:1-6 NIRV

There Is No Other God

1 The gods Bel and Nebo are brought down in shame. The statues of them are being carried away on the backs of animals. They used to be carried around by the people who worshiped them. But now they've become a heavy load for tired animals.

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      2 Bel and Nebo are brought down in shame together. They aren't able to save their own statues. They themselves are carried off as prisoners.
      3 The LORD says, "Family of Jacob, listen to me. Pay attention, you people of Israel who are left alive. I have taken good care of you since your life began. I have carried you since you were born as a nation.
      4 I will continue to carry you even when you are old. I will take good care of you even when your hair is gray. I have made you. And I will carry you. I will take care of you. And I will save you. I am the Lord.
      5 "Who will you compare me to? Who is equal to me? What am I like? Who can you compare me to?
      6 Some people pour gold out of their bags. They weigh out silver on the scales. They hire someone who works with gold to make it into a god. They bow down to it and worship it.