Jeremiah 49:23-27 NIRV

A Message About Damascus

23 Here is what the LORD says about Damascus. He says, "The people of Hamath and Arpad are terrified. They have heard bad news. They have lost all hope. They are troubled like the rolling sea.

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      24 The people of Damascus have become weak. They have turned to run away. Panic has taken hold of them. Suffering and pain have taken hold of them. Their pain is like the pain of a woman having a baby.
      25 Why hasn't the famous city been deserted? It is the town I take delight in.
      26 You can be sure its young men will fall dead in the streets. All of its soldiers will be put to death at that time," announces the LORD who rules over all.
      27 "I will set the walls of Damascus on fire. It will burn up the strong towers of King Ben-Hadad."