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Numbers 28:1-8 (New International Reader's Version)

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Offerings That Israel Must Bring Each Day

1 The LORD spoke to Moses. He said, 2 "Here is a command I want you to give the people of Israel. Tell them, 'Be sure to bring to the LORD the food for the offerings that are made to him with fire. Do it at the appointed time. It will give a smell that is pleasant to him.' 3 "Tell them, 'Here is the offering you must bring to the Lord. It should be made with fire. Bring him two lambs that are a year old. They must not have any flaws. Bring them as a regular burnt offering each day. 4 " 'Prepare one lamb in the morning. Prepare the other when the sun goes down. 5 Bring a grain offering along with them. It must have eight cups of fine flour. Mix it with a quart of oil that is made from pressed olives. 6 It is the regular burnt offering. The LORD established it at Mount Sinai. It has a pleasant smell. It is an offering that is made to him with fire. 7 Along with that, offer a quart of wine as a drink offering. It must be given along with each lamb. Pour out the drink offering to the LORD at the sacred tent. 8 " 'Prepare the second lamb when the sun goes down. Sacrifice it along with the same kind of grain offering and drink offering that you prepare in the morning. It is an offering that is made with fire. It gives a smell that is pleasant to the Lord.
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