Numbers 32:13-23 NIRV

13 "The LORD's anger burned against Israel. He made them wander around in the desert for 40 years. They wandered until all of the people who had done evil in his sight had died.
14 "Now here you are, you bunch of sinners! You have taken the place of your fathers. And you are making the LORD even more angry with Israel.
15 What if you turn away from following him? Then he'll leave all of these people in the desert again. And it will be your fault when they are destroyed."
16 Then they came up to Moses. They said, "We would like to build pens here for our livestock. We would also like to build cities for our women and children.
17 "But we're ready to prepare ourselves for battle. We're even ready to go ahead of the people of Israel. We'll go with them until we've brought them to their place. While we're gone, our women and children will live in cities that have high walls around them. That will keep them safe from the people who are living in this land.
18 "We won't return to our homes until all of the people of Israel have received their share of the land.
19 "We won't receive any share with them on the west side of the Jordan River. We've already received our share here on the east side."
20 Then Moses said to them, "Do what you have promised to do. Prepare yourselves to fight for the Lord.
21 Prepare yourselves and go across the Jordan River. Fight for the LORD until he has driven out his enemies in front of him.
22 "When the land is under the LORD's control, you can come back here. Your duty to the LORD and Israel will be over. Then the LORD will give you this land as your own.
23 "But what if you fail to do your duty? Then you will be sinning against the Lord. And you can be sure that your sin will be discovered. It will be brought out into the open.