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1 Kings 12:27 NLT

27 When these people go to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices at the Temple of the LORD, they will again give their allegiance to King Rehoboam of Judah. They will kill me and make him their king instead.”

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  • a 12:2 - As in Greek version and Latin Vulgate (see also 2 Chr 10:2 ); Hebrew reads he lived in Egypt.
  • b 12:18 - As in some Greek manuscripts and Syriac version (see also 4:6 ; 5:14 ); Hebrew reads Adoram.
  • c 12:25 - Hebrew Penuel, a variant spelling of Peniel.
  • d 12:28 - Hebrew to them.
  • e 12:32 - This day of the ancient Hebrew lunar calendar occurred in late October or early November, exactly one month after the annual Festival of Shelters in Judah (see Lev 23:34 ).