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1 Kings 8:9 NLT

9 Nothing was in the Ark except the two stone tablets that Moses had placed in it at Mount Sinai, where the LORD made a covenant with the people of Israel when they left the land of Egypt.

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    • c 8:9 - Hebrew at Horeb, another name for Sinai.

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      • a 8:2 - Hebrew at the festival in the month Ethanim, which is the seventh month. The Festival of Shelters began on the fifteenth day of the seventh month of the ancient Hebrew lunar calendar. This day occurred in late September, October, or early November.
      • b 8:4 - Hebrew the Tent of Meeting; i.e., the tent mentioned in 2 Sam 6:17 and 1 Chr 16:1 .
      • c 8:9 - Hebrew at Horeb, another name for Sinai.
      • d 8:13 - Some Greek texts add the line Is this not written in the Book of Jashar?
      • e 8:65 - Hebrew the festival; see note on 8:2 .
      • f 8:65 - Hebrew seven days and seven days, fourteen days; compare parallel text at 2 Chr 7:8-10 .
      • g 8:66 - Hebrew On the eighth day, probably referring to the day following the seven-day Festival of Shelters; compare parallel text at 2 Chr 7:9-10 .