1 Kings 16:23-28 NLT

23 Omri began to rule over Israel in the thirty-first year of King Asa's reign in Judah. He reigned twelve years in all, six of them in Tirzah.
24 Then Omri bought the hill now known as Samaria from its owner, Shemer, for 150 pounds of silver. a He built a city on it and called the city Samaria in honor of Shemer.

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    • ª 16:24 - Hebrew <I>for 2 talents</I> [68 kilograms] <I>of silver.</I>
      25 But Omri did what was evil in the LORD's sight, even more than any of the kings before him.
      26 He followed the example of Jeroboam, continuing the sins of idolatry that Jeroboam had led Israel to commit. Thus, he aroused the anger of the LORD, the God of Israel.
      27 The rest of the events in Omri's reign, the extent of his power, and all his deeds are recorded in The Book of the History of the Kings of Israel.
      28 When Omri died, he was buried in Samaria. Then his son Ahab became the next king.