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2 Samuel 3:31 NLT

31 Then David said to Joab and all those who were with him, “Tear your clothes and put on burlap. Mourn for Abner.” And King David himself walked behind the procession to the grave.

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  • a 3:3 - As in parallel text at 1 Chr 3:1 (see also Greek version, which reads Daluia, and possible support by Dead Sea Scrolls); Hebrew reads Kileab.
  • b 3:7 - Ishbosheth is another name for Esh-baal.
  • c 3:14 - Hebrew the foreskins.
  • d 3:15 - As in 1 Sam 25:44 ; Hebrew reads Paltiel, a variant spelling of Palti.
  • e 3:29 - Or or a contagious skin disease. The Hebrew word used here can describe various skin diseases.
  • f 3:29 - Or who is effeminate; Hebrew reads who handles a spindle.