Exodus 30:11-16 NLT

11 And the LORD said to Moses,
12 "Whenever you take a census of the people of Israel, each man who is counted must pay a ransom for himself to the LORD. Then there will be no plagues among the people as you count them.
13 His payment to the LORD will be one-fifth of an ounce a of silver.

References for Exodus 30:13

    •  30:13 - Hebrew <I>half a shekel</I> [6 grams], <I>according to the sanctuary shekel, 20 gerahs to each shekel.</I>
      14 All who have reached their twentieth birthday must give this offering to the LORD.
      15 When this offering is given to the LORD to make atonement for yourselves, the rich must not give more, and the poor must not give less.
      16 Use this money for the care of the Tabernacle. b It will bring you, the Israelites, to the LORD's attention, and it will make atonement for your lives."

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        • ž 30:16 - Hebrew <I>Tent of Meeting;</I> also in 30:18, 20, 26, 36.