Ezekiel 45:1 NLT

1 "When you divide the land among the tribes of Israel, you must set aside a section of it for the LORD as his holy portion. This piece of land will be 8 1/3 miles long and 6 2/3 miles wide. a The entire area will be holy ground.

References for Ezekiel 45:1

    • ³ 45:1 - Reflecting the Greek reading <I>25,000 cubits</I> [13.3 kilometers] <I>long and 20,000 cubits</I> [10.6 kilometers] <I>wide;</I> Hebrew reads <I>25,000 cubits long and 10,000 cubits wide.</I> Compare 45:3, 5; 48:9. In this chapter, the distance measures are calculated using the Hebrew long cubit, which equals 21 inches or 53 centimeters.