Isaiah 52:1-6 NLT

1 Wake up, wake up, O Zion! Clothe yourself with strength. Put on your beautiful clothes, O holy city of Jerusalem, for unclean and godless people will enter your gates no longer.
2 Rise from the dust, O Jerusalem. Sit in a place of honor. Remove the chains of slavery from your neck, O captive daughter of Zion.
3 For this is what the LORD says: “When I sold you into exile, I received no payment. Now I can redeem you without having to pay for you.”
4 This is what the Sovereign LORD says: “Long ago my people chose to live in Egypt. Now they are oppressed by Assyria.
5 What is this?” asks the LORD . “Why are my people enslaved again? Those who rule them shout in exultation.a My name is blasphemed all day long.b

References for Isaiah 52:5

    • 52:5 - As in Dead Sea Scrolls; Masoretic Text reads Those who rule them wail.
    • 52:5 - Greek version reads The Gentiles continually blaspheme my name because of you. Compare Rom 2:24 .
      6 But I will reveal my name to my people, and they will come to know its power. Then at last they will recognize that I am the one who speaks to them.”