1 Six days before the Passover celebration began, Jesus arrived in Bethany, the home of Lazarus—the man he had raised from the dead.
2 A dinner was prepared in Jesus’ honor. Martha served, and Lazarus was among those who ate with him.
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    • a 12:2 - Or who reclined.
      3 Then Mary took a twelve-ounce jar of expensive perfume made from essence of nard, and she anointed Jesus’ feet with it, wiping his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance.
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        • b 12:3 - Greek took 1 litra [327 grams].
          4 But Judas Iscariot, the disciple who would soon betray him, said,
          5 “That perfume was worth a year’s wages. It should have been sold and the money given to the poor.”
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            • c 12:5 - Greek worth 300 denarii. A denarius was equivalent to a laborer’s full day’s wage.
              6 Not that he cared for the poor—he was a thief, and since he was in charge of the disciples’ money, he often stole some for himself.
              7 Jesus replied, “Leave her alone. She did this in preparation for my burial.
              8 You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.”
              9 When all the people heard of Jesus’ arrival, they flocked to see him and also to see Lazarus, the man Jesus had raised from the dead.
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                • d 12:9 - Greek Jewish people; also in 12:11 .
                  10 Then the leading priests decided to kill Lazarus, too,
                  11 for it was because of him that many of the people had deserted them and believed in Jesus.
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                    • e 12:11 - Or had deserted their traditions; Greek reads had deserted.