Proverbs 9:1-8 NLT

1 Wisdom has built her spacious house with seven pillars.
2 She has prepared a great banquet, mixed the wines, and set the table.
3 She has sent her servants to invite everyone to come. She calls out from the heights overlooking the city.
4 "Come home with me," she urges the simple. To those without good judgment, she says,
5 "Come, eat my food, and drink the wine I have mixed.
6 Leave your foolish ways behind, and begin to live; learn how to be wise."
7 Anyone who rebukes a mocker will get a smart retort. Anyone who rebukes the wicked will get hurt.
8 So don't bother rebuking mockers; they will only hate you. But the wise, when rebuked, will love you all the more.