Song of Solomon 1:2-6 NLT

2 "Kiss me again and again, for your love is sweeter than wine.
3 How fragrant your cologne, and how pleasing your name! No wonder all the young women love you!
4 Take me with you. Come, let's run! Bring me into your bedroom, O my king. a " Young Women of Jerusalem: "How happy we are for him! We praise his love even more than wine." Young Woman: "How right that the young women love you!

References for Song of Solomon 1:4

    • b 1:4 - Or <I>The king has brought me into his bedroom.</I>
      5 "I am dark and beautiful, O women of Jerusalem, tanned as the dark tents of Kedar. Yes, even as the tents of Solomon!
      6 "Don't look down on me, you fair city girls, just because my complexion is so dark. The sun has burned my skin. My brothers were angry with me and sent me out to tend the vineyards in the hot sun. Now see what it has done to me! b

      References for Song of Solomon 1:6

        • c 1:6 - Hebrew <I>My own vineyard I have neglected.</I>