Isaiah 38:10-20 NRS

10 I said: In the noontide of my days I must depart; I am consigned to the gates of Sheol for the rest of my years.
11 I said, I shall not see the Lord in the land of the living; I shall look upon mortals no more among the inhabitants of the world.
12 My dwelling is plucked up and removed from me like a shepherd's tent; like a weaver I have rolled up my life; he cuts me off from the loom; from day to night you bring me to an end; a

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    • Ï 38:12 - Meaning of Heb uncertain
      13 I cry for help b until morning; like a lion he breaks all my bones; from day to night you bring me to an end. c

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        • Ð 38:13 - Cn: Meaning of Heb uncertain
        • Ñ 38:13 - Meaning of Heb uncertain
          14 Like a swallow or a crane d I clamor, I moan like a dove. My eyes are weary with looking upward. O Lord, I am oppressed; be my security!

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            • Ò 38:14 - Meaning of Heb uncertain
              15 But what can I say? For he has spoken to me, and he himself has done it. All my sleep has fled e because of the bitterness of my soul.

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                • Ó 38:15 - Cn Compare Syr: Heb [I will walk slowly all my years]
                  16 O Lord, by these things people live, and in all these is the life of my spirit. f Oh, restore me to health and make me live!

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                    • Ô 38:16 - Meaning of Heb uncertain
                      17 Surely it was for my welfare that I had great bitterness; but you have held back g my life from the pit of destruction, for you have cast all my sins behind your back.

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                        • Õ 38:17 - Cn Compare Gk Vg: Heb [loved]
                          18 For Sheol cannot thank you, death cannot praise you; those who go down to the Pit cannot hope for your faithfulness.
                          19 The living, the living, they thank you, as I do this day; fathers make known to children your faithfulness.
                          20 The Lord will save me, and we will sing to stringed instruments h all the days of our lives, at the house of the Lord.

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                            • Ö 38:20 - Heb [my stringed instruments]