Numbers 16:23-33 NIV

23 Then the LORD said to Moses,
24 "Say to the assembly, 'Move away from the tents of Korah, Dathan and Abiram.' "
25 Moses got up and went to Dathan and Abiram, and the elders of Israel1 followed him.

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26 He warned the assembly, "Move back from the tents of these wicked men!2 Do not touch anything belonging to them, or you will be swept away3 because of all their sins.4"

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27 So they moved away from the tents of Korah, Dathan and Abiram.5 Dathan and Abiram had come out and were standing with their wives, children6 and little ones at the entrances to their tents.7

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      28 Then Moses said, "This is how you will know8 that the LORD has sent me9 to do all these things and that it was not my idea:

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      29 If these men die a natural death and experience only what usually happens to men, then the LORD has not sent me.10

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      30 But if the LORD brings about something totally new, and the earth opens its mouth11 and swallows them, with everything that belongs to them, and they go down alive into the grave,a12 then you will know that these men have treated the LORD with contempt.13"

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        • c 16:30 - Hebrew "Sheol "; also in verse 33
          31 As soon as he finished saying all this, the ground under them split apart14

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          32 and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them,15 with their households and all Korah's men and all their possessions.

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          33 They went down alive into the grave,16 with everything they owned; the earth closed over them, and they perished and were gone from the community.

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