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  • Family

    "Perhaps the best we can do in our fifty-something years is sound the wake-up call to our family members and deepen our relationships with them.
  • Family

    Finding Nemo is the most popular animated feature of all time. What is the secret of its success?
  • Faithfulness

    It's a story that was once immortalized in a movie. It is the story of a unique friend named Greyfriars Bobby.
  • Faith

    Vance Havner once observed, "Faith will not always get for us what we want, but it will get what God wants us to have."
  • Failure

    The great racehorse Native Dancer won every race he ever entered except one
  • Examples

    ohn Bonham was a patriot. He died at the Alamo along with Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Colonel Travis and the rest.
  • Evangelism

    One of the most popular Celtic bands in the world is Clannad. Their music has been featured in movies like Patriot Games and Last of the Mohicans. The lead singer with the distinctive, haunting voice is Maire Brennan.
  • Evangelism

    According to the book Signfica, by Irving Wallace, a man named William Phelps Eno can be called the father of traffic safety.
  • Evangelism

    Congressman and former Olympic great Jim Ryun (along with sons, Ned and Drew) has written a book entitled, Heroes Among Us.
  • Evangelism

    In Soulguide Bruce Demarest tells of Dateline NBC's report on Boston oncologist Dr. Jerome Groopman. Dateline followed the doctor for two years as he attempted to save the lives of Gene, who suffered from AIDS and Elizabeth, who suffered from breast cancer.
  • Evangelism

    It's a fish story, but journalists have verified it. Jim Cone was boating on the Intracoastal Waterway in North Carolina when a Spanish mackerel jumped into his boat. It grazed his daughter's head and landed in his wife's lap
  • Evangelism

    In a recent article in USA Today, Rita Rubin wrote an article concerning the communication gap between physicians and patients. She writes of Barry Weiss, a professor of clinical and community medicine at the University of Arizona, who remembered a time when he consulted with a colleague about a diabetic patient.
  • Ethics

    Have you heard of the "Ten Commandments Project?" It encourages young people 16 and younger to memorize the Ten Commandments by paying them ten dollars for the feat.
  • Emcumbrances

    In the Alleghenies Mountains a hunter mistakenly shot a large eagle.
  • Easter

    The cartoon This Funny World once showed a couple leaving church. The wife said to her husband, "I'll tell you why it's always the same old sermon. The only time you come is on Easter Sunday, that's why!"
  • Dreams

    The professor challenged his students to get to know someone they didn't already know. One of the football players felt a gentle touch on his shoulder and as he turned found a wrinkled, little old lady beaming up at him.
  • Discernment

    A man put this sign in front of his auto repair shop: "Beware of bargains in life rafts, brain surgery, parachutes, and auto repairs."
  • Dependence on God

    Dwight L. Moody told this story: "A minister was one day moving his library upstairs. As he was going up with a load of books, his little boy came in, and was very anxious to help his father.
  • Culture

    A recent issue of US News & World Report featured a story entitled "Faith in America: In troubled times, how Americans' views of religion are changing."
  • Cross

    So many stories have come out of the terrorist attack of September 11. One of the most poignant, carried by the Associated Press, was the discovery by rescue workers in the rubble of the World Trade Center of a large perfectly shaped cross, twenty feet tall.