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Hebrews 2:1-6 (Douay-Rheims)

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1 Therefore ought we more diligently to observe the things which we have heard lest perhaps we should let them slip. 2 For if the word spoken by angels became steadfast and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompense of reward: 3 How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation? Which, having begun to be declared by the Lord, was confirmed unto us by them that heard him. 4 God also bearing them witness by signs and wonders and divers miracles and distributions of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will. 5 For God hath not subjected unto angels the world to come, whereof we speak. 6 But one in a certain place hath testified, saying: What is man, that thou art mindful of him? Or the son of man, that thou visitest him?
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