Numbers 28:12-22 RHE

12 And three tenths of flour tempered with oil in sacrifice for every calf: and two tenths of flour tempered with oil for every ram:
13 And the tenth of a tenth of flour tempered with oil in sacrifice for every lamb. It is a holocaust of most sweet odour and an offering by fire to the Lord.
14 And these shall be the libations of wine that are to be poured out for every victim: Half a hin for every calf, a third for a ram, and a fourth for a lamb. This shall be the holocaust for every month, as they succeed one another in the course of the year.
15 A buck goat also shall be offered to the Lord for a sin offering over and above the perpetual holocaust with its libations.
16 And in the first month, on the four tenth day of the month, shall be the phase of the Lord,
17 And on the fifteenth day the solemn feast: seven days shall they eat unleavened bread.
18 And the first day of them shall be venerable and holy: you shall not do any servile work therein.
19 And you shall offer a burnt sacrifice a holocaust to the Lord, two calves of the herd, one ram, seven lambs of a year old, without blemish:
20 And for the sacrifice of every one three tenths of flour which shall be tempered with oil to every calf, and two tenths to every ram,
21 And the tenth of a tenth, to every lamb, that is to say, to all the seven lambs:
22 And one buck goat for sin, to make atonement for you,