Psalm 103:14-22 RHE

14 (102-14) For he knoweth our frame. He remembereth that we are dust:
15 (102-15) Man’s days are as grass, as the flower of the field so shall he flourish.
16 (102-16) For the spirit shall pass in him, and he shall not be: and he shall know his place no more.
17 (102-17) But the mercy of the Lord is from eternity and unto eternity upon them that fear him: And his justice unto children’s children,
18 (102-18) To such as keep his covenant, And are mindful of his commandments to do them.
19 (102-19) The lord hath prepared his throne in heaven: and his kingdom shall rule over all.
20 (102-20) Bless the Lord, all ye his angels: you that are mighty in strength, and execute his word, hearkening to the voice of his orders.
21 (102-21) Bless the Lord, all ye his hosts: you ministers of his that do his will.
22 (102-22) Bless the Lord, all his works: in every place of his dominion, O my soul, bless thou the Lord.