55 And as he began to pull down, even at that time was Alcimus plagued and his enterprises hindered; for his mouth was stopped and he was taken with a palsy, so that he could no more speak any thing nor give orders concerning his house.
56 So Alcimus died at that time with great torment.
57 Now when Bacchides saw that Alcimus was dead he returned to the king, whereupon the land of Judea was at rest two years.
58 Then all the ungodly men held a council, saying, "Behold, Jonathan and his company are at ease and dwell without care. Now therefore we will bring Bacchides hither, who shall take them all in one night."
59 So they went and consulted with him.
60 Then Bacchides removed and came with a great host, and sent letters privily to his adherents in Judea that they should take Jonathan and those who were with him; however they could not, because their counsel was known unto them.
61 Therefore Jonathan and his company took from the men of the country, who were authors of that mischief, about fifty persons and slew them.
62 Afterwards Jonathan and Simon and those who were with them got away unto Bethbasi, which is in the wilderness; and they repaired the ruins thereof and made it strong.
63 When Bacchides found this out, he gathered together all his host and sent word to those who were of Judea.
64 Then went he and laid siege against Bethbasi; and they fought against it a long season, and made engines of war.
65 But Jonathan left his brother Simon in the city and went forth himself into the country; and with a small number went he forth.