20 Ther were certayne Grekes amoge them that came to praye at the feast:
21 the same cam to Philip which was of Bethsayda a cyte in Galile and desired him sayinge: Syr we wolde fayne se Iesus.
22 Philip came and tolde Andrew. And agayne Andrew and Philip tolde Iesus.
23 And Iesus answered them sayinge: the houre is come yt the sonne of ma must be glorified.
24 Verely verely I saye vnto you except ye wheate corne fall into the grounde and dye it bydeth alone. Yf it dye it brengeth forth moche frute.
25 He that loveth his lyfe shall destroye it: and he yt hateth his lyfe in this worlde shall kepe it vnto lyfe eternall.
26 If eny man mynister vnto me let him folowe me and where I am there shall also my minister be. And yf eny man minister vnto me him will my father honoure.
27 Now is my soule troubled and what shall I saye? Father delyver me from this houre: but therfore came I vnto this houre
28 Father glorify thy name. Then came ther a voyce fro heaven: I have glorified it and will glorify it agayne.
29 Then sayd the people yt stode by and hearde: it thoundreth. Other sayde an angell spake to him.
30 Iesus answered and sayde: this voyce cam not because of me but for youre sakes.
31 Now is the iudgement of this worlde: now shall ye prince of this worlde be cast out.
32 And I yf I were lifte vp from the erthe will drawe all men vnto me.
33 This sayde Iesus signifyinge what deeth he shuld dye.
34 The people answered him: We have hearde of ye lawe yt Christ bydeth ever: and how sayest thou then that the sonne of man must be lifte vp? who is yt sonne of ma?
35 Then Iesus sayde vnto them: yet a lytell whyle is the light wt you. Walke whill ye have light lest the darcknes come on you. He that walketh in the darke wotteth not whither he goeth.
36 Whyll ye have light beleve on the light that ye maye be the chyldren of light. These thinges spake Iesus and departed and hyd him silfe fro them.