1 Corinthians 7:3-13 WYC

3 The husband yield debt to the wife, and also the wife to the husband.
4 The woman hath not power of her body, but the husband; [also forsooth] and the husband hath not power of his body, but the woman [but the wife].
5 Do not ye defraud each to other [Do not defraud together], but peradventure of consent for a time, that ye give attention to prayer; and again turn again to the same thing, lest Satan tempt you for your uncontinence.
6 But I say this thing as giving leave, not by commandment. [+Forsooth I say this thing by indulgence, not after commandment.]
7 For I will, that all men be as myself. But each man hath his proper gift of God; one thus, and another thus.
8 But I say to them, that be not wedded, and to widows [and widows], it is good to them, if they dwell so as I.
9 And if they contain not themselves, be they wedded; for it is better to be wedded, than to be burnt.
10 But to them that be joined in matrimony, I command, not I, but the Lord, that the wife depart not from the husband;
11 and that if she departeth, that she dwell unwedded, or be reconciled to her husband; and the husband forsake not the wife.
12 But to others I say, not the Lord. If any brother hath an unfaithful wife, and she consenteth to dwell with him, leave he her not [If any brother have an unfaithful, or heathen, wife, and she consent for to dwell with him, leave he, or forsake, her not].
13 And if any woman hath an unfaithful husband [And if the woman hath an husband unfaithful], and this consenteth to dwell with her, leave she not the husband.