1 Peter 1:20-25 WYC

20 that was known before the making of the world, but he is showed in the last times, for you
21 that by him be faithful in God; that raised him from death [that raised him from dead men], and gave to him everlasting glory, that your faith and hope were in God.
22 And make ye chaste your souls in obedience of charity [Ye making chaste your souls in obedience of charity], in love of brotherhood; of simple heart love ye together more busily.
23 And be ye born again, not of corruptible seed, but [of] uncorruptible, by the word of living God, and dwelling into without end.
24 For each flesh is hay, and all the glory of it is as the flower of hay; the hay dried up, and his flower felled down [+the hay drieth up, and the flower fell down];
25 but the word of the Lord dwelleth without end [into without end]. And this is the word, that is preached to you [Soothly this is the word, that is evangelized to you].