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Galatians 3:1-7 (Wycliffe)

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1 O! unwitty Galatians, before whose eyes Jesus Christ is exiled, and is crucified in you, who hath deceived you, that ye obey not to truth? [+O! ye witless men of Galatia, who deceived you to obey not to the truth? before whose eyes Jesus Christ is condemned, or exiled, and in you crucified.] 2 This only I desire to learn of you, whether ye have received the Spirit of the works of the law, or of hearing of belief? [+This thing only will I learn of you, have ye taken the Spirit by the works of the law, by the hearing of belief/or of the hearing of belief?] 3 So ye be fools, that when ye have begun in Spirit, ye be ended in flesh [now ye be ended by flesh]. 4 So great things ye have suffered without cause [Ye have suffered so many things without cause], if it be without cause. 5 [Therefore] He that giveth to you [the] Spirit, and worketh works of power in you, whether of [the] works of the law, or of hearing of belief [or of hearing of faith]? 6 As it is written, Abraham believed to God, and it was reckoned to him to rightwiseness. 7 And therefore know ye, that these that be of belief, be the sons of Abraham. [+Therefore know ye, that they that be of faith, they be the sons of Abraham.]
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